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Bike Tours of Mark, Piper and family


Here is a list of tours we have done:

1993 - Mark tours fjords of southwest Norway.

1995 - Mark and Piper tour New Zealand on honeymoon.

1996 - Mark and Piper tour Italy and Greece.

1998 - Mark, Piper, toddler Hanna and Granddad tour the west coast of Ireland.

What's next?

2001- Tour of Andalusia in soutwest Spain.  The team will be Mark, Piper, Hanna, toddler Kemper, Granddad and possibly Grammy.

Here are links to travelogue pages that we are using to plan our Tour of Spain.

Fiona and Willem van Schaik's Andalusia page  picture 1 picture 2   

Markus Sauer and Ute Dasburg's page - Sevilla to Granada  picture 1 picture 2

Viva Andalucía! tour from Easy Rider Tours picture 1 picture 2   

 Satellite-based latitude/longitude position locator (eg Gibraltor 35 59'N 5 17' W)

Rain, temperature, hours of sunshine for a number of Spanish cities

Find latitude/longitude for any town in Spain using GeoZip (eg La Linea in Cadiz = 36N, 5W next to Gilbralter)

Very cool interactive map. Select area with cursor, select features to include, overlay lat/lon grid, point to town

example map from this site

Want a topographic map?  Here is one in both contour line and wireframe format



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