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Welcome to Mark and Piper's HomePage! We learned when we were young that it is nice to share. Sharing is what we celebrate here. Our HomePage gives us an oppotunity to share our interests with the world. We are glad you found us. 

Our Interests

Here are some of our special interests 
The Breadmachine Project describes our life with bread. We have made many hundreds of loaves over the years, but each morning it is still a bit of a thrill to see how the bread turned out, to say nothing of the great smell of freshly baked bread throughout the house.

We are planning to plant a eucalyptus forest in Edmonds, Washinginton. The project started in 1999 by planting seeds of 12 cold-hardy species. 

We make fruit trees by grafting and practice intensive production with the Lorette System of Pruning.  Visit our page devoted to these topics.  We also grow pluots

Just for fun, how about some strange candy

Thanks for visisting:

Its a pleasure to share these thoughts with you. Send us comments. Help us improve our HomePage. 

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